Obtaining Help from SCFH

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Obtaining Help from SouthCoast Fair Housing

SouthCoast Fair Housing works to eliminate housing discrimination and help develop inclusive communities throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. SCFH provides fair housing education, outreach, advocacy, and enforcement activities to ensure all individuals have equal housing opportunities.

Advocacy and Enforcement
SCFH welcomes intakes of housing discrimination issues, such as if someone is losing a housing opportunity, is experiencing harassment in their housing, is being denied equal services in their housing, or is being asked to leave their housing due to their protected class status. We also welcome intakes from people with disabilities in need of assistance obtaining reasonable accommodations or modifications in their housing.

If you contact SCFH to file a fair housing complaint, we may:
– conduct an interview to obtain the facts
– inform you of your fair housing rights
– investigate your complaint
– review investigation results with you and discuss your options
– advocate on your behalf
– help you pursue a complaint
– offer legal advice or representation (in Massachusetts only)
– connect you with an attorney

Eligibility and Accessibility
SCFH does not have eligibility requirements for its clients, except that they must have a fair housing issue. We provide services regardless of a household’s income and immigration status. Most of our services are offered at no cost. SCFH strives to be a welcoming place for all. Our offices are accessible and we welcome requests for accommodations for individuals with disabilities. We also welcome requests to provide our services in languages other than English.

SCFH accepts intakes by phone, in person, or via our website. 
We may be reached by phone Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at either (401) 285-2550 or (774) 473-9994. To complete an intake, dial extension 1005.We ask that you call in advance to schedule an appointment if you would like to complete an intake in person at either of our office locations. You may provide basic information via our online Intake Form available here. 


Resource List
SCFH works closely with other organizations to meet the diverse needs of our clients. See our Resource List for information about other organizations. By providing this Resource List, SCFH is making no guarantee regarding the availability or effectiveness of services offered by these organizations.