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SouthCoast Fair Housing (SCFH), a non-profit fair housing organization, provides fair housing education, outreach, advocacy, and enforcement services to eliminate housing discrimination and ensure equal access to housing. SCFH serves Rhode Island and Bristol and Plymouth Counties in Massachusetts.

SCFH’s Work

SCFH is committed to increasing housing opportunities and reducing housing segregation. SCFH recognizes that your zip code can impact your access to education, employment, community services, and more. SCFH supports the right of housing consumers to have access to quality, affordable housing in the neighborhood of their choice. We work to accomplish these goals by:

  • Assist individuals with exercising their fair housing rights
  • Investigate and identify discriminatory housing practices
  • Advocate for policies that will further fair housing
  • Perform fair housing outreach and educational activities

SCFH’s History

Founded in 2012 by volunteers, SCFH began providing services in Bristol County, Massachusetts. SCFH has grown to serve the approximately 2 million residents of Rhode Island and Bristol and Plymouth Counties in Massachusetts. SCFH is the only non-profit full-service fair housing organization located in this region.