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SouthCoast Fair Housing (SCFH), a non-profit fair housing organization, provides fair housing education, outreach, advocacy, and enforcement services to eliminate housing discrimination and ensure equal access to housing. SCFH serves Rhode Island and Bristol and Plymouth Counties in Massachusetts.

SCFH’s Work
SCFH works to achieve its mission of eliminating housing discrimination and ensuring equal access to housing through:


Why is Fair Housing Important?

A person’s zip code can impact their access to education, employment, community services, and more. Individual instances of discrimination, as well as discriminatory systemic policies, can limit people’s ability to live in a home and neighborhood of their choice. Discriminatory practices can also contribute to housing instability, unsafe housing, a lack of affordable housing, and homelessness. By increasing awareness of fair housing issues and enforcement of fair housing rights, we can take steps to decrease discriminatory practices and improve everyone’s quality of life.