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Fair Housing Testing

Fair housing testing is a strategy used to determine whether or not people looking for housing are being treated differently based on their membership in a protected class. Testing allows us to measure and document differences in the quality, content, and quantity of information and services provided to seekers of apartments and houses.

The Center is currently seeking objective, well-organized individuals of all ages, sex, races, and nationalities to assist us in preventing housing discrimination in Southeastern, MA. We are hiring part-time housing discrimination testers to staff our testing team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply to be a tester?

Yes, if you:

  • Are detail oriented
  • Are a good listener and observer
  • Have your own means of reliable transportation
  • Have voice-mail or an answering machine
  • Do not have a criminal record
  • Are not a licensed real estate agent and do not have other direct ties to the housing industry
  • Have a desire to work with and will demonstrate respect for individuals and groups without regard to race, color, national origin, sex (gender), ancestry, religion, children or family status, disability (mental or physical), marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or legal source of income

Do I need training?

The Center will provide training in advance of  testing.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment varies, based on your schedule and interest and the Center’s testing needs.

Will I be paid for my testing work?

Yes. The Center provides its testers with a stipend and reimbursement for certain expenses.

How do I apply?

Contact us here, or fill out and send us the form below, and one of our fair housing specialists will be in touch with you.